React Supercharge is now updated to Next.js 10 and React 17! 🚀

Accelerated development for React & Next.js developers

Developing your next React/Next.js application need not be hard. Jump right into your app and leave all the boilerplate setup to us.


Accelerate your development and leave everything from routing to Firebase setup and architecture to Supercharge!


Next.js is a React framework that offers SSR, automatic code splitting etc. out of the box! Deploy your app on Vercel for free!


Bulma is a free, open source CSS framework based on Flexbox and used by more than 200,000 developers.


Supercharge comes with Docker support so that you can containerize your apps within seconds!

ESLint + Prettier

Supercharge comes with linting support and code formatting out of the box to ensure clean code and seamless code styles when working in a team!

React Context

Context provides a way to manage states in React apps and share data through the component tree

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics in just 1 step! Track your page views and visitors to your app easily.

Firebase Authenication

Firebase Authentication provides the fastest way for you to authenticate and enrol users into your app!

Cloud Firestore

Firestore is Google's flexible, scalable and realtime NoSQL Cloud database for rapid development!


Formspree offers quick integration to collect contact queries or feedback instantly!


Supercharge your development now!

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Quality code base 👨🏼‍💻

You get a quality code base with all the mentioned technologies implemented seamlessly.

Abstract away the mundane and tough aspects ✅

Supercharge abstracts away the mundane project setup and authentication level details so that you can focus your efforts on building your next game-changing product!

Why Supercharge?

Accelerate your development and leave everything from routing to Firebase setup and architecture to Supercharge!

Why you will ♥ it

Supercharge is built for developers who need speed. We know you have the next game changing idea. We know you want to get it out to the market fast. So leave the basic setup and configs to Supercharge.

What you get

Supercharge works out-of-box with a full-fledged Next.js project architecture, Firebase Authentication, Firestore Cloud DB and Formspree. The base template contains Login, Sign Up, and a landing Dashboard component with secure authentication mechanisms already in place for you. A sample note capturing app is given as a starter example to interact with Firebase.

Check out the Preview of the starter pack
Check out the Documentation


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A fantastic tool for all web developers to get your end to end service up in a day or two!

S Vinod
Tech Enthusiast

When I wanted to set up my own app, I didn't want to start from scratch. Managed to find Supercharge and it saved my developers a lot of time. Will recommend 👍

Melvin L

Supercharge is an amazing product for Next.js developers! Got my project up and running in literally 10 mins! Excellent base template with all-rounded features. Highly recommended!

Vasanth V